Minding Motion is one of our residents’ favorite classes to attend.   Juan and his staff engage the residents body, mind and soul for an incredible session of movement and creativity.  I love to watch the joy on the residents’ faces as they’re moving and as they come out of the class.  It takes the residents out of their usual personal/safe space and helps them expand and explore more than they have in years.  At first they are always a bit hesitant to try something new and different, but one class- and they’re hooked! We are so grateful to have this program benefiting our residents!

Recreational Therapist and Assisted Living Activities Director

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After a closing ceremony of movement and dance, participants glide into the hallways, humming that music that has become part of us. We haven’t cured Parkinson’s but for that magical hour together, we’ve trampled it down and beaten it back.


My wife was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease several years ago.  While her regimen of medication every 3 hours help to lessen the severity of symptoms, her dance class is the best therapy.  When immersed in music and movement you never guess she is affected with this condition.  After an hour or more in dance class she is more energized and positive for the rest of the day.  Her outlook is brightened and she isn’t as fearful of her future.  Dance is a wonderful gift to her, and to me.

Spouse of Parkinson’s Dancer/Participant

You change people’s lives. . . The work that your team is doing provides people an opportunity to remain engaged and connected and not become socially isolated.

Regional Assisted Living Director

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Whether they are pushing for a quicker heart rate or motivating residents to stretch a few inches further than they did the week before, these masterful teachers are helping individuals improve and grow physically, cognitively and emotionally.

Utah Stories, August 25, 2017