Minding Motion for Graceful Aging offers a program that enlivens the individual through a participatory form of symptomatic therapy in a safe and positively resonant social environment. The experiences we provide are designed to broaden and transform the horizon of possibilities of our participants in their everyday life.


In placing the unique and varied populations we serve at the center of our social hierarchy, Minding Motion for Graceful Aging provide a therapy supplemental to traditional medicine that enhances the physical movement, intellectual engagement, creative freedom, emotional awareness, and social engagement to help improve human potential and self-confidence.

Our core philosophy and brand is built upon a strong foundation of experience and research.

To learn more about our program and what we have based it upon, follow the links below.



Through our unique services and program we aim to:

  • Enhance the quality of life of participants

  • Potentially decrease medical treatments

  • Make the aging process graceful

  • Keep participants intellectually, physically, creatively, and emotionally engaged

  • Encourage participants to reengage their best partner – their body and its physicality

  • Empower the individual with increased physical and mental confidence

  • Improve motor functions and lessen motor complication


Lead Teaching Artists at Minding Motion for Graceful Aging methodically choreograph their creative movement classes to:

  • Maintain and improve in activities of daily living (ADL)–typical activities of daily living that are addressed through Minding Motion classes are: general mobility, meal preparation, dressing, rising from a chair or bed, providing one’s own bathroom care, picking objects from and off the floor

  • Help with the loss of appetite

  • Attempt to improve postural stability

  • Help improve gait, balance, and coordination

  • Provide limbic and affective resonance during social interactions to help prevent or ameliorate depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia

  • Prevent or reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia

  • Attempt to reduce blood pressure

  • Help prevent falls and accidental injury

See Us In Action


Read the research supporting how creative movement, strength, and flexibility exercises along with memorization games can help participants maintain and improve their physical stability, balance, range of motion, neurological function, and social skills.

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